Schdulit At Work

Job Scheduling

Automate the Infrastructure and Operational processes and simplify the creation and management of IT workflows.

File Transfer Management

An essential tool to manage workflow between multiple business functions and respective environment.

Big Data

A timely availibility of information is ciritical to timely business decisions and thus business directions.

Under the Hood

Web Based GUI

Web based UI forms the gateway to administer your batch schedules on Schdul IT from any browser. The intuitive interface provides the overall and details as required.

Core Engine

The central engine give you to ability to link diverse system on intranet and internet thus giving you the ability to extend and manage all dependent systems.


The database engine is powerful enough not only to track all schedules but also to track and log all schedules thus giving your required visibility when required.

About SchdulIt

SchdulIt simplifies the management and monitoring of batch processes for all industries and for Retail Industry in particular, integrating all aspects into a single viewpoint, providing an increased area of control, improving productivity and monitor delays.

SchdulIt provides cross-platform scheduling capabilities, such as job dependencies, workload balancing, and event based job execution, preventing scheduling challenges from becoming business challenges. By defining and automating these infrastructure and operational processes, SchdulIt is a method by which organizations can simplify the creation of workflows and manage the day to day batch jobs.

SchdulIt delivers the next generation of IT automation moving beyond traditional workload automation and adapting to modern IT technologies and processes. SchdulIt improves workflow services performance and usability, and reduces operating efficiencies with new capabilities such as out-of-the box automated agent and client deployment for faster upgrades and maintenance, and a time saving global calendar. SchdulIt significantly enhances automated application workflow promotion through automated job promotion across environments.

  • Effortless Implementation
  • Oracle Retail Ready
  • Reduced CAPEX with Unified Licensing
  • Single solution for diverse platform
  • Unified Visibility for enhanced operation
  • Effortless upgrade with Easy-Template
  • Enhanced Auditing to ensure seamless operation
  • Smart Notifications